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ASSOCIATIONS /  Consortiums / affiliations / conferences

Within the USA there are approximately 205 million people represented by close to 135,000

associations.  Our attention for the interim period will be focused on associations with  links2wireless industries, telecommunications practices, broadband infrastructure, Education, and e-Commerce solutions.  Active  Professional Associations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Island Nations and communities will be represented in the near future. 


Wireless Internet...profit from association


Set Your Clock (ctia) Council on Foundation Common Cause
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Associations  &  Societies ISO / International Organization for Standardization
Airportnet International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Air Transport Association International Engineering Consortium
American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science International Finance Corporation
Association of Iron & Steel Engineers International Telecomputing Consortium / teachers-edu
Extensive Links to Associations Optical Society of America
Electronic Industries Alliance TechNet
Google your Assoc. up Wireless Communications Assoc. International
GSM Association Women in Technology International
Wireless Airport Association
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Education  & Skills Development
Global training focus
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Women Driving Technology
Skills Driving Innovation...&  Success


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