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EDUCATION SYSTEM /  Corporate, Private, and Public services

Cultural Advancement on a Global level

Combining multiple disciplines, with diverse talents, for repeated successes.

 Wireless Internet...filter the possibilities

Set Your Clock Fed.ResourcesForEd.Excell
Set Your World Clock PBSkids FAS
American Federation of Teachers archives FirstGov resources .. Powells
Alfie Kohn Girlsinc
Internet Archive Girl Tech .
Alexa Smarter Kids Sharif Univ. of Technology / Iran Holidays How To Learn Smithsonian Museums & Centers ... ... Iowa State Univ. Internet Archive iLearning
BrookFieldZoo ... Technology in Education Lab School of Washington VSArts Mentor Net Working Woman
Computer Society Workmen's Circle
Cornell Univ. Working Mom
Continuing Education-links .... National Education Association Zoesis
Dept. of Education / U.S. Gov. Women For Women Youth For Understanding
DICTIONARY National Security Agency / USA National Archives & Records Admin.
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation NAACP
========================================================= ======================================================
Associations , Organizations &  Societies FAES / Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences
AAAE / Assoc. for the Advancement of Arts Education Federation of American Scientists .
ADEC / American Distance Education Consortium German Studies Association / Sybil Milton Book Prize
AECT /Assn.  for Educational Communications & Technology Institution of Engineers, Australia
AHF /American Himalayan Foundation IEEE / Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
ASEE /American Society for Engineering Education IASL / International Assn. of School Librarianship
American Federation of Teachers MSTA / Maryland State Teachers Assn.
American Library Association NAACP /Nat. Assn. For The Advancement of Colored People
AIP / American Institute of Physics National Education Association
APS / American Physical Society National Parent-Teacher Association
Assoc. of American Universities NCEITA -North Carolina Electronics & Information Technologies Assn.
Alaska Society for Technology in Education Nebraska State Education Assn.
Assoc. of Science - Technology Centers UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization
Engineering  Societies . US Department of Education
Engineering Search  . World Federation of Engineering Organisations
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Arts Education VSArts
========================================================= ======================================================
Books / Multimedia / Authors Robert J. Lifton / 'extreme historical situations'
Bear Pond Books / Montpelier, Vermont Harvard U./ W.E.B.DuBois Institute for Afro-American Research
Borders Rutgers University / W.E.B. Du Bois 
Barnes and Noble David Levering Lewis
Powells - Welcome to the City of Books Alfie Kohn / elevating Education to support children
Alibris...Books You Thought You'd Never Find
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Child Care / development Arthur / PBS / Marc Brown
ChildrenFirst Arthur  / Marc Brown Studios / meet Marc
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Curriculum / study areas US Federal Reserve / economic education-where it's @
U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd / Oct. 3, 2002 /" blind & improvident" Thursday's Classroom / & NASA science
Ancient Roman Culture
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Data Collection & Processing
Federation of American Scientist
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Dictionaries OneLook Dictionaries .
Dictionary Hundreds of Dictionaries ...
YourDictionary Thesaurus
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Festivals / books
========================================================= ======================================================
Foundations Congressional Record
E. M.  Kauffman Foundation
========================================================= ======================================================
Genealogy Research  Genealogy / Family Tree Maker
Additional Genealogy links Marquis Who's Who in America
Ellis Island / American Family Immigration History Center Surname Web
FGS / Federation of Genealogical Societies
Florida State Genealogical Society
========================================================= ======================================================
Government / Resources Dept. of Education / U.S. Gov.
FirstGov / Extensive US Government links Extensive resources on USA Government
FREE (federal resources) Governments of the World & related institutions
EdTech News / NewYork State Edu. Dept. / Off. of Technology
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Imagery / science / satellites NASA / Organizations Index
TerraServer / Satellite imagery / real estate, engineering, government NASA / Jet Propulsion Lab. / Education Gateway
Federation of American Scientists / index
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K-12 resources /schools & networking... ....& Assistive & Adaptive Technology
Albuquerque, N.M.  Schools/ Assistive Technology Team History for Kids
APS, N.M. /Extensive resources on Assist.-Adapt. Technology Nickelodeon / Cable TV
Cable in the Classroom / 39 national cable networks/ US PBSkids
Classroom Connect RM /  Information & Communications technology / UK
Edina Sch. District /Minnesota /technology for classrooms TVguidelines & resources
Education & Human Resources / National Science Foundation / US
================================================= ==============================================
Learning Disabilities / Teaching Strategies LDA /  Learning Disabilities Association of America
The Lab School of Washington / Sally Smith LDA / State Affiliations
I.H.Schwartz Day School / comprehensive LDA / Dyslexia fact sheet /Educational Services Committee
I.H.Schwartz / exceptional children--exceptional school LDA / National Organizations on Learning Disabilities
Special Education Services/ schools, resources, organizations Minnesota Horse Council / Hoofbeats & Heartbeats & more
K-12 Schools in USA for Learning Disabilities National Institute for Literacy
Helping Hands School / Preschoolers With Special Needs National Center for Learning Disabilities
Japan / Tsukuba College of Technology NARHA /N. American Riding for the Handicapped Assn.
ROCK /Ride On Center for Kids / Georgetown, Texas
SERI / Special Education Resources on the Internet
STRIDES  - Therapeutic Riding
Center for Research on Learning / Univ. of  Kansas
================================================= ==============================================
Libraries / US List of State Libraries - USA
Libraries - Associations - Organizations - Directories - Tools Library Spot
The Alberta Library Los Angeles Public Library
ALA / American Library Association Military & Gov. Libraries / Special Libraries Assn.
ALA / News briefs for Feb. 2003 / Budgets - Library Closings Military Research Library Network/ international reach
America's Library Montgomery County Libraries / Md. /  USA
AALL / American Assn. of Law Libraries National Center for Education Statistics / Library Statistics
Association of Research Libraries Palm Beach County Library System / Florida
Baltimore Country Public Library, Maryland Philadelphia-Montgomery County
Bergen County Technical Schools / Electronic Library Queens Borough Public Library
Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE Southfield Public Library /Michigan / computer basics, etc.
Brooklyn Public Library, New York Toronto Public Library / Canada
California Public Libraries / from Alameda to Yorba Linda Urbandale, Iowa Public Library
California State Library Washington, D.C. Public Library
Cedar Rapids Public Library , Iowa Waverly Public Library , Iowa
Chicago Public Library Yale University Library
Florida State Library / 2003-2004 budget
Florida State Library - Summary of Proposal to Dismantle...
Florida / Division of Library & Information Services
Florida / State Library of Florida
Florida Libraries / Public - University - Cooperatives
Florida Library Assn.
Florida / Dade County Library Assn./ & other Libraries
Internet  Library
LaGIN / Louisiana Government Information Center /since 1979
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Library of Congress  - USA
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Libraries / Global SLA / Special Libraries Assn. / experts in 60 countries
CALIS /China Academic Library & Information System
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Maps &  Charts / land, air & sea Map it!  Track it! Get there!  Enjoy yourself ...
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Miscellaneous Forbes Best
Naval Observatory Master Clock
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Canada Science & Technology Museum
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Music Flute resources
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Memorials Women In U.S. Military Service Memorial
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Parent-Teacher-Children Resources Global Research Data- cia factbook  
Ben's Guide to U. S. Government Highlights / Fun with a Purpose /  ( site design - ATGI )
Cool Climate Kids' Club Parents in Charge
Cool Links / North Adams, Mass.,  Public Library PTA and additional extensive links
Connect For Kids PTA
Fact Monster U.S.Federal Agencies/kids pages
FamilyEducation CEC - Council for Exceptional Children
Figure This! / Mathematics Challenges for Families
========================================================= ======================================================
Religion Islamic Religion
Americans United for Separation of Church and State Jewish Religion
Association of Islamic Charitable Projects Later Day Saints
Biblical Archaeology Society Much more on Religion .
Catholic Religion Oral Roberts U. Library / Pentecostal/Charismatic Collections
Hebrew Union College Religious Tolerance
Hispano Crypto-Judaism Scientology
Workmen's Circle
Council on American-Islamic Relations
================================================= ==============================================
Research Solutions Lab School of Washington
Academic Information Systems Research Centers Librarians' Index to the Internet
ACC / AmericanConnects Consortium  Lightspan Network & Lightspan Achieve Now Online
Alfie Kohn / teaching strategies Move Our Money / 'take the ride'
Center for Dispute Settlement / full range of services National Science Foundation
Colleges / African-American/ Top 50 - data National Archives & Records Administration / U.S.
COSI / Explore Science, Discover Fun / Ohio National Academy of Sciences
DICTIONARY National Imagery & Mapping Agency
ERIC / Educational Resources Information Center National League of Cities...( 18,000 )
Extensive Resources on the 50 US States Oriental Institute Research Archives / U. of Chicago
Education & Human Resources PoliSci / diverse news sources
Financial Research / resources Population - Cities - Flags / Global Statistics
Footage Net / Film Archives / News Footage Rene' Descartes ( 1596 - 1650 )
Facts Turnitin / plagiarism issues
Government Links / extensive resources University of Iowa / extensive search tools
History Guy / US & World History U of Kentucky /NATRI -National Assistive Tech. Rsc. Institute
The History Place/ 1700 - 2000 Valuable Information Sources
The History Place / The American Revolution Water Science for Schools / US Geological Survey
The History Place / The Vietnam War / TimeLine 1945-1975 WorldAtlas / Countries ranked by Population
Howard Dean for America / U.S. Candidate for President World Factbook by the CIA  
IEEEUSA resources-index General search tools
Global Information Infrastructure Resources / U. S. Gov. Google
Internet Content Rating Association / filters-discretion AllTheWeb
Germantown Friends School / Reference Materials . Refdesk
Marquis Who's Who in America / (in library) Refdesk / extensive Reference / Research links
Ask Jeeves
More search tools...
========================================================= ======================================================
Research / History Middle Ages Research
Anglo-Saxon invasions of Roman Britain / Fifth Century Dumbarton Oaks publications / Byzantium / Pre-Columbian
Anglo-Saxon England
Magna Carta 1215
Battle of Trafalgar - October 1805 / Britain, France, Spain
========================================================= =======================================================
Research / Spanish Moors Arab Conquest of Spain 711-797
Spain / Country Economic-Population data Moorish Spain - 700 years / "Al-Andalus" >> 1492
The Moors / Joseph McCabe Moorish Architecture / Caliphal Style ..
Religion in Spain / J. McCabe Cordoba / Arabian Mosque
Popes in History Iberian History / 5000 years
Tarik takes Visigothic Spain 711 / reached France  by 733. 778 Charlemagne invasion of Spain / 800-takes Barcelona
Medieval Sourcebook / Fordham Univ. ... Knights of the Four Military Orders / 400 years of warfare
Moorish History / Islam in Spain / Andalusia / Cordoba .
Moorish Cities / Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada Moors / Arab-Berber tribes / 7th Century
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools , Regions & Networking / US Council of Chief State School Officers / State Agencies
Alabama Office of Technology Initiatives /Dept of Education The Lab School of Washington / Sally Smith
AREN =Alabama Research & Education Network Maine / UMS - U. of Maine System/ 7 ' Maine ' universities
Alfie Kohn / education solutions MAX / Linking Mid-Atlantic + ECGC + SoX (South)
Apex Learning MDE / Michigan- Off. of Information Technology Services
BECON -Broward Education Communications Network, Fla. MECCA / Memphis Educational Alliance
Bergen County Technical Schools MichNet + Internet2 / Michigan=Edu, Health
BOREC / Louisiana Electronic Campus MNT / Multi-Use Network/ Colorado statewide / Qwest
Cable in the Classroom / 39 national cable networks MOREnet /Missouri Research & Education Network
Calif. / 4CNet / managed & supported by TISS team MoDLA /Missouri Distance Learning Assn./State & Global
Calif. Tech. Infrastructure Initiative /23 campuses &107 colleges NASCIO / US / States Chief Information Officers
Calif. / Travis Unified School District / school grid Net@EDU / Networking in Higher Education
CENIC /DCP-Digital California Project / K20 & Research NetSchools
Classroom Connect Nevada /Clark County / SAIC / wire 11,000 classrooms
CIS / Center for Information Services / Washington State New Jersey / DLNA- Distance Learning Network Aid
CMP / techLearning/ 2001 Ed Tech Leaders-Educators
CNYRIC / Central New York Regional Information Center NCREN / North Carolina Research & Education Network
ConnectTEN/ Tennessee/Students-citizens of the world North Carolina/ Schools-Technology-Community- Business
CTCnet /National Community Technology Center's Network North Dakota University System
DoDEA / DoD Education Activity / Dependent's Schools NYSCATE/ Assn. for Computers & Tech. in Education
ECB / Wisconsin Educational Communications Board OARnet / Ohio Multi-service/Edu. + Government + Bus.
EdTech News / NY State Education Dept. /global news  OneNet /Oklahoma's Telecommunications Network
EDNET/ Mississippi/Education-Research-Development/ 1990 Oregon Gigapop / Edu.-Research/Abilene & Cisco
ERIC / Clearinghouses...from A > U OSHEAN /Rhode Island Edu +Business + Government
ERIC / Educational Resources Information Center PacificNorthwest Gigapop/ Internet2/Abilene
ETCC / Texas Education Technology Coordinating Council PeachNet..statewide edu net / Univ.Sys.Georgia / Cisco
Extensive Education Links Pennsylvania / PEN-DOR / Community of Educators
FIRN /Florida Information Resource Network Porterville, Calif. Wireless Internet-across the community
Florida / Pinellas County Schools / Educators Toolbox PREN / Portland Research & Education Network
Florida / Pinellas County / " Places " ( edu. - comm. network ) Qwest / Internet2 / UCAID / NGI / Abilene infrastructure
Germantown Friends School / Philadelphia, Pa. Qwest/ Denver Public Schs./ Abilene Internet2 / large scale
GOVnet /Vermont /Gov.-Libraries-K12 Education SchoolNet / Ohio Educational Telecom./ & HETCO
Great Plains Network/ Ark., Kans,,Okh., Mo.,Neb, S-N Dakota SERC / Satellite Educational Resources Consortium
Hawaii E-School Networking & HENC /Gov.-Edu- Research Simplexis / eCommerce for the business of education
Illinois /ICN /TelecomBackbone/Education & Government SCTLC / South Carolina -Teaching, Learning, Connecting
IHETS / Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System TENET / Texas Education Network /estbl. 1991
INTERNET2 /K20 Initiative/ access to Abilene/rapid growth UEN /Utah Education Network
INTERNET2/ Sponsored State Education Systems US Department of Education
Iowa Communications Network/ICN / Edu. , Health,  Biz, Gov. VES / VirtualEducationSpace/ Massachusetts statewide
ICN / EduTrac / Area 10 Administrators / Cedar Rapids, IA. VTEA / Vermont Technology Education Assoc.
KANREN /Kansas/ Univs., School Districts, WSIPC / Washington Sch. Information Processing Coop.
KORRnet / Knoxville-Oak Ridge/Edu. & Gov. & business WVC / Washington Virtual Classroom / NSIS-statewide
KTLN /Kentucky TeleLinking Network /statewide & growing WNYRIC / Western New York Regional Information Center
KCTCS/Kentucky Community & Technical College System WVEIS / WestVirginia statewide Network / since 1990
LaNet /Louisiana statewide Net for Gov.-Edu-Research WVNET / West Virginia Network
WiscNet /Educational Service Provider / edu-gov-hospitals
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools /Counties -Districts- Municipalities
Alamo Community College District / Texas / new tech center MAID - Muskegon Area Intermediate School District /Michigan
Bemidji, Minnesota / first city on the Mississippi... Mendocino County Office of Education , California
Buckman Arts Magnet Elementary School, Portland, Oregon Merrimack Edu. Ctr./linking districts with state-national resources
Calgary Board of Education Mesa Public Schools / Technology Plan / Arizona
Charlotte County,Fla. Public Schools / Technology- The Plan Miami-Dade Community College / Distance Learning
Cincinnati Public Schools / Ohio NEIU 19 /Pennsyl./Northeastern Edu.Intermediate Unit 19
Cleveland Municipal School District / Ohio Nova Scotia Dept. of Education / Canada
Denver Public Schools / Colorado Public Schools of Brookline, Mass.
El Campo Independent School District / Texas San Bernadino County  Schools  / California
Eufaula High School / estb. 1872 / Alabama San Diego City Schools, Calif.
Eureka City Schools , Calif - Strategic Plan yr 2002-2007 Scottsdale Unified School District / Arizona
Florida's 67 School Districts Shakopee, Minnesota Public Schools / Technology Vision
Halton District School Board / Canada / Instructional Tech. South Dakota Board of Regents
HighWired / West Virginia - member schools The Tatnall School / Wilmington, Delaware 
LACOE / Los Angeles County Office of Education Texas /Region 10 Information Servs. Div./ ' your IT dept.'
Louisiana Sch. for Math, Science, & Arts /Natchitoches, La. Texas Assn. of School Boards / estb. 1949
The World Learner School / Chaska, Minnesota
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools, Regions & Networking / Global Ohio 3d Frontier Project / 10yr plan to grow tech-edu-labor
AARNet /operates AREN (Australia Research & Edu. Network ) PERDNet / Pakistan Education, Research & Development Network
AARNet - PNWGP ( Pacific Northwest Gigapop ) RELARN-IP / Russia/ Research & Education network
APAN -Asia-Pacific Advanced Network /=Europe=US RM / Information & Communications Technology / UK
Arab Academy for e-Commerce / Education Centers linked RNC /Romania National R& D Net / TERENA & CEENet
CESNET /Czech NREN / R & D / & informed public RoEduNet / Romanian Education - Communication network
DANTE / European Research Networks Consortium / GEANT SJTU /China / 200 Univs.- 3 provinces & link to CERNET
DENet / Danish Computing Centre for Research & Education Singapore Advanced Research & Education Network /ASTAR
Deutsches Forschungsnetz / Science-Research-Edu/ Germany Spain /RedIRIS / 250 institutions/Scientific Research Council
Easynet UK / over 100 schools/colleges to be networked SWITCH / Swiss Education & Research Network
EMMAN / UK/ ( Eight Univ. Metro Area Network ) TERENA /Trans-European Research & Edu. Networking Assn.
ERNET / India - Education & Research Network Thailand /UniNet /National Education Network/ R & D
EUN /Egyptian Universities Network / & Research & Gov. ULAKBIM /Turkish Academic Network & Information Center
European National Research Networks /fm A to U
GARR-B / Network Topology of Italy / and Europe
GARR-Giganet Project/ Italy/ + GEANT + Internet2
GEANT / Information & News / EuroWide / Internet2...
GEANT / Euro Research at Full Speed / description / DANTE
HEAnet / Ireland Education & Research Network
INTERNET2 / Qwest/Abilene to 37 Int. Resr. & Edu. networks
JANET / UK /Edu.& Bus. & Gov /US, Global info. tech
JISC /UK/ Joint Information Sys. Cmtte./Information Tech
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools - Global /INTERNET2 / participants .....Education, Health, Research, Government & Business
History of the Internet > 1960's....    (PBS ) Abilene Policy / Federal Research & Edu. Nets & Labs
Internet2 /Universities, Corporate, Affiliate / resources Indiana Univ.Sys. /WAN / Abilene NOC
Internet2 Universities / 192 and counting Univ. of Arizona /Center for Computing & Info. Technology
Internet2 Corporate Partners - Sponsors - Members / growing Advanced Research/Projects in Grid Computing
Internet2 Affiliates / producing applications & technologies
Internet2 Member Websites - Applications, IT , Engineers
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools - Global /INTERNET2 / technology ...a Network of Networks Networking Networks
Abilene /super high capacity multimedia communications Welcome to the ABILENE Network Operations Center
Internet2 Middleware / security, directories, standardization Euro-Link Network Operations Center / GlobalNOC
Great Plains Network / Northern Lights + Abilene
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools /Tech Sightings /hardware initiatives... ..classroom modernization statewide & national
Adelphia / 1,500 schools & 1 million students benefit Galaxy Cablevision / wired to 300 schools / 13 states
AOL Time Warner / cable in selected K-12s / 7 mill. students HighWired / 14,500 schools & 76 countries
AT&T  / Cable in Education NCEITA -Technology Demonstration Project
Cable in the Classroom /39 national /8,500 local cable companies NEA / Tech. Briefs /..attention to pedagogical changes as well
Cable in the Classroom / List of companies participating Oakland Schools /Michigan/2000 ONE & OakNET /news makers
Cablevision / School websites- N.J. / N.Y. / Connecticut TechCorps / tech4schools
Comcast / Cable to Baltimore & Washington, D.C. schools
COX Communications / Cable in the Classroom
COX / Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas networks
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools /Tech integration statewide by yr2006 ...modern interactive multimedia in every school
========================================================= ======================================================
Schools / Wireless LANs & WANs ...fixed & Ad-hoc
Mobile Communication Resources - networks, development ERNET/ India / connectivity for Education & R & D
UCSC / Univ. of California Santa Cruz / CATS / 802.11b Iowa State /802.11b/ multi-building / growing
Univ. of Detroit Mercy / 802.11b/ multi-building/growing Univ. of Maryland / Networking & Telecomm. Services
Univ. of Florida / Wireless College of Engineering Project Univ. of Washington / 802.11 b/ multi-building
========================================================= ======================================================
Software Resources RM / Schools / products & services
American Education Corporation RM / Internet For Learning / improving Bandwidth use
Blackboard / enterprise software Widgit Software /Turning 'Can't into 'Can'
========================================================= ======================================================
Science Programs Homework Service / designing / functionality
Amateur Astronomers Assn. of NY National Academies of Sciences / US
Computer Society Univ. of Washington
COSI Columbus, Ohio - science center / 15 million visitors Wildlife Cams...Zoos / Open Range
Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences
Frank Potter's Science Gems
========================================================= ======================================================
Advanced Teaching Strategies ... ..learning about learning
Arnold B. Arons  (  1916 - 2001 ) " A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching " book review
Arnold Arons /Woods Hole - In Memoriam ( 1942 - 2001 ) "..A Contemporary Perspective " by Randall Knight- Cal Poly 
Arnold Arons / Amherst College / tribute / 1952 - 1968 Useful Physics Resources / Randy Knight / Cal Poly
Arnold Arons / Oral History / Woods Hole ( 1942 -2001) Alfie Kohn / innovation in teaching
Arnold Arons / pioneer in physics education / Physics Today FairTest's Assessment Reform Network
The Lab School of Washington / Sally Smith
.................................................................................... Discovery / Ohio's Systemic Reform of Science & Math. Edu.
Ohio Reform/ Kenneth Wilson & Bennett Daviss / TQM & $
Stevens Institute of Technology/Technogenesis/ multidisciplinary
========================================================= =====================================================
Universities  / Schools / ........................ ..USA / Global master list
University / Colleges / global geographical listing American Universities /  alphabetical listing...
Higher Education / worldwide database USA Universities / by State
Braintrack University Index /  161 Countries American Graduate Schools
International School Registry Collegiate  /  USA-Global
Colleges-Universities / global Undergraduate Directory US Community Colleges / alphabetical
Association of American Universities Reaseheath College /  UK
Worldwide Classroom /library of international programs Pennsylvania Dept. of Education
================================================= ==============================================
Universities/Engineering- telecommunications... ...and science programs / global
Cambridge University / UK Research Programs /Networks/ Pervasive Computing 
Ecole Polytechnique / France US Engineering Graduate Schools ..
Institution of Engineers / Australia U.S. Air Force Academy / Colorado
King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology / Saudi Arabia USA / Caltech
Mjardevi Science Park / Sweden USA / Georgia Institute of Technology
Romanian Education Network / Cisco partner USA / Indiana University
Sharif Univ. of Technology / Iran USA /  Iowa State
SUNET / Swedish University Computer Network USA / Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tampereen Teknillinen Korkeakoulu / Finland U.S. Military Academy / West Point
Univ. of Leeds/UK/Research Centre for Future Communications U.S. Naval Academy / Annapolis
Univ. of Qatar / Education Technology/ multimedia, R & D USA / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Univ. of Manchester / UK / supercomputer USA / Univ. of Washington
========================================================= ======================================================
Volunteers in Education / global... ..Mentoring Networks
Foundation for Advanced Edu in Science Mentoring
Netmentor I-mentor
========================================================= ======================================================
Women in technology .......................... in the engine room.
Associations & Societies Leadership Engines
Assn. for Women in Mathematics High Octane Engines
Society of Women Engineers Ruth B. Mandel /Rutgers /Center for the American Woman & Politics
Computing Research Association Networking
American Assoc. of University Women Web Development Strategies
Assn. for Women in Computing Women Engineers doing the Math
Assn. for Computing Machinery -- Women San Francisco Women on the Web
Career Focus -- Developing Skill Sets Launch Strategies for Innovation
NACME /National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Women For Women
Women in Technology International
Institute for Women & Technology
The Fuel Depot -- Energy Cells
Association for Women in Science
Financial Power in the Big Apple
Science Learning Network...and more
National Academy of Sciences
National Science Foundation
========================================================= ======================================================
Women's Resources.............................. ...............................................
NCWO /National Council of Women's Organizations National Domestic Violence Hotline / 1-800-799-7233
AFL-CIO / women Middle Way House /Bloomington, IN /Shelter against violence
Catalyst Women National Women's Law Center
Girltech The Women's Center /Global Community of Women
Girlsinc Third World Org. for Women in Science
NARAL International Justice Mission
Working Mom RAWA / Afg
PBS tv Anti-Violence / V-Day
women2women National Domestic Violence Hotline
Oxygen Heifer Project International
National Council of Negro Women Women for Women International
National Organization for Women International Organization for Migration
Mentor Net Women On WallStreet
IWF / Independent Women's Forum Healthy Women
========================================================= ======================================================
Wildlife Studies / conservation Smithsonian Conservation & Research Center
Cam / Peregrine Falcon nestlings / Pennsylvania Wildlife Associates
Zoo to You 5 tigers / the tiger information Center
America's Teaching Zoo / Moorpark College National Geographic Map Machine
Dolphin Project
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