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Power Generation & Resources Management // Habitat & Conservation

..Global Geophysical, Technical, Operational areas / infrastructure focus..

Wireless Internet...high octane partnerships & research

Set Your Clock Environmental Protection Agency / USA Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
Set Your World Clock Environmental Defense Resources for the Future
Alaska Pollution European Union / Council SOROS Foundation Network
American Society of Agriculture Engineers FONZ Suez
American Society of Civil Engineers Hungary Search Engine The Nature Conservancy
American Water Works Assoc. National Audubon Society Utility Consumers' Action Network
Cornell Univ. National Coal Council Vivendi
Conoco National Wildlife Federation Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
CES International Natural Resources in Parks Water Environment Federation
Dept. of Energy / US Nat.Institute of Standards & Tech
Ecology Natural Resources Defense Council
================================================= =================================================
Associations / policy commentary International Energy Agency
American Gas Assn. / representing Natural Gas Utilities National Resources Defense Council
American Petroleum Institute National Wildlife Federation
Edison Electric Institute/ data / surveys National Association of Manufacturers
Environmental Working Group Office of Pipeline Safety / Dept. of Transportation
Federal Energy Regulatory  Commission Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
Grand Old Petroleum Petroleum Services Assoc. of Canada
Rocky Mountain Institute / Dr. Amory B. Lovins
Utility Consumers' Action Network
================================================= =================================================
Conservancy / Habitats / Research / CAMS National Wildlife Federation
CAM / Falcon Cam / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania / USA National Park Service / USA
CAMS / Peregrine Falcons all over the place / nestlings National Parks Conservation Association / USA
ACWERN/Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Resc.  Network National Audubon Society
Alaska Region / US Fish & Wildlife Service National Council for Science & the Environment
Audubon Naturalist National Library for the Environment
Audubon EagleWatch  /nest in Urban & Rural areas Natural Resources Defense Council
CBF / Chesapeake Bay Foundation / " Save the Bay " The Nature Conservancy
Conservation Fund New York City Environmental Organizations
CLF - Conservation Law Foundation The Ocean Conservancy
Earthwatch Institute Oklawaha Valley Audubon Society
Earth Share /environmental education  & charitable giving Philip Merrill Environmental Center / Annapolis, Md. / US
EcologyFund / land recovery & preservation Rainforest Live
ETFRN / European Tropical Forest Research Network Rocky Mountain Institute /Green Development Services & more
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Smithsonian Conservation & Research Center
FSC / Forest Stewardship Council Sierra Club
Global Forest Watch / accountability in management StandingWatch / Florida Marine & Wildlife Conservation
Greenpeace Turner Endangered Species Fund
International Birding & Research Centre / Eilat, Israel U. of Minnesota /Global Ecosystem Changes / David Tilman
International Wildlife Coalition Worldwatch News Release.
Izaak Walton League of America World Resources Institute
National Parks Conservation Association World as Home / Marine Conservation & Research
National Environmental Trust
========================================================= ==========================================================
Contamination / Superfund Program/ etc... ..US Army Corps of Engineers / EPA 
Superfund / US Environmental Protection Agency U. of Idaho /Center for Hazardous Waste Remediation Research
USACE / US Army Corps of Engineers / HQ Brownfields Atomic Veteran /Atomic Bomb Test Photos /Nevada, Enewetak, Bikini,  Almogordo
USACE Environmental Division HudsonVoice
USACE Programs / BRAC, FUDS REP America / Republicans for Environmental Protection
USACE / BRAC - Base Realignment & Closure ENN / Environmental News Network
EPA / BRAC - Region 5 Cleanup Teams ( BCTs) 15 bases Ecological Risk Assessment Web Sites / research issues
BRAC / Dept. of Defense Environmental Cleanup DTIC / Defense Technical Information Center
BRAC / article on Base Closures in 2003 & 2005 / Nat.Def. mag. USACE Services for the Military
BRAC / private-public partneship to reclaim former BRAC sites Hanford Site / US DOE / 
BRAC / Naval Facilities Engineering Command Hanford Cleanup Progress Scorecard
USACE / FUDS - Formerly Used Defense Sites Hanford Site Historic District / Cold War 1947-1990
USACE / FUDS Site Inventory / Map of United States Ames Lab / Environmental & Protection Sciences Program
Navy Environmental Restoration Acronyms City of Los Angeles, Calif. / Brownfields Program
Other Redevelopment Initiatives: Reducing Barriers... Caspian Sea / industrial, agricultural & municipal waste
The Brownfields Center / Carnegie Mellon & U. of Pittsburgh Caspian Sea / Map
Dept. of Defense / SERDP & ESTCP programs InTank on-stream robotic space inspection/cleaning
Oil Spill Updates
SpaceDaily / Spain - Oil Tanker breaks up - releases oil cargo
Spain - Galicia / Nov. 2002 / satellite pictures - data / headlines
NOAA - sends Oil Spill Experts to Spain
Planet Ark / Oil contamination of Galicia, Spain coast
========================================================= ==========================================================
The Dirty Dozen / & other chemicals About Trade Secrets
================================================= =================================================
Environmental Engineering and ..... Global Resources Management-Productivity
Additional Resources International Water Management Institute
Biofouled Well Rehabilitation Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center / Univ. of Louisville
Biological & Agricultural Eng./ North Carolina/USA Malcolm Pirnie / a new model of engineering
Bureau of Reclamation / USA / ecosystems Ministry of the Environment / Japan
Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies National Resources Defense Council
Dept.  of Environmental Protection / Pennsylvania / USA Regional Institute of Environmental Technology
Environmental Working Group / research on Health & Environment .. Resources for the Future
Environmental & Water Resource Sys Engineering Rocky Mountain Institute / sustainable economic development
EDAW / Environmental Planning/Architecture Sharif  Univ. of Technology / Iran /  Water & Energy
Environmental Protection Agency / USA Southwest Florida Water Management District
EPA / National Water Programs Teledyne / Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
EPA / Water Quality Assessment Technology U. of Cincinnati / Health & Environmental Risk Institute
EPA / Projects & Programs listed Alphabetical US Geological Survey
GEMI - Global Environmental Management Initiative Water Monitoring Council / USA
Haestad Methods / " Stormwater Suite " Water Quality Monitoring / USA
Water Management Div./US Army Corps of Engineers
Water Environment Federation
Weiss Assoc./Environmental Science, Engineering & Management
================================================= =================================================
Environmental the European Union & Border Regions
Environment Directorate-General Environment & Sustainable Development
Ministry of Environment... / Slovenia Ministry of ....Water Management / Holland
Ministry For Environment / Hungary Dept. of the Environment, Transport & the Regions / U.K.
FAS /Civil Engineering & Environmental Quality World Resources Institute
Watersheds & threat EU Meteorological Services Network
Danube River Watershed data EU Meteorological Satellites Organisation
Rhine & Meuse Watershed data Sputnik / Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
Slovenia/Environmental Protection Alliance
================================================= =================================================
Environmental Planning & Support MIT Univ. / The Energy Laboratory
Alliant energy Integrated Services NGO Support Programs
Asia-Invest / European Community Initiative NGO / Energy Crossroads
ABAG / Assn. of Bay Area Governments / California NGO Directory/Environmental Organizations / Central-Eastern Europe
Calvert Social Investment Fund Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
Dept. of Environmental Sciences/Central European Univ. Regional Environmental Center
Environmental Partnership for Central Europe SOROS Foundation
Global Reporting Initiative  US National Governors Assoc. / Water Resources
Government Directory/Environmental/ Central- Eastern Europ ENN / Environmental News Network
Governments of the World / directory
Howard Dean/US Candidate for President / Environment
Land Planning & Conservation
================================================= =================================================
Environmental Planning & New Urbanism Land Planning & Conservation
New Urbanism Resource Index New Urban News Service / smart growth
Congress For The New Urbanism / ( CNU ) Resources for Urban Planning / smart growth
CNU Task Force Missions & Initiatives American Planning Association
CNU / charter US National Governors Assoc. / land preservation
Sprawl & Crawl / 'PreserveNet' links Smart Growth bibliography /economic, environmental, etc
================================================= =================================================
Environmental & Civil Engineering... & other indispensable global programs
American Society of Civil Engineers New Energy & Industrial Technology Development / Japan
American Public Works Association Ocean Research Institute / Japan
American Planning Association Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
American Water Works Association Satellite Active Archive
Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Scripps Institution of Oceanography/International Relations
Environmental Information Services Sharif Univ. of Technology / Iran / Bioenvironmental
Environmental Research Laboratories U. S. Agency for International Development
Extensive Global Resources/ Geophysics...Geology U. S. Department of Commerce
European Environmental Law U.S. DOE / International Organizations
European  Union / Government / resources U. S. Financial & Economic Sectors / Global Data
European Union Home Page Urban Land Institute
European Union / Treaty of Nice- February 26, 2001 United Nations Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization
European Union / Treaty of Amsterdam /October  1997 UN Global Terrestrial Observing System
French Research Institute / Oceanic United Nations Development Programme
Globalization Research Center / Univ. of South Florida United Nations Structure/links
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United Nations Environment Programme
National Oceanographic Data Center World Meteorological Organization / U. N.
Nat. Environmental Satellite, Data & Information Service Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
National Climatic Data Center World Health Organization
National Spatial Data Infrastructure
================================================= =================================================
Environmental Systems / Oversight  US Bureau of Reclamation / water-ecosystems
Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies US Department of Commerce
FAS / Dept. of Energy / Savannah River Site U.S. Dept. of Defense / husband the lands & resources...
Environmental Working Group US Environmental Protection Agency
Global Reporting Initiative US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Natural Resources Defense Council
================================================= =================================================
Financials  / electricity marketplace Group 8760 / e-commerce for state markets
Enron PowerMarketers
Enron / energy commodities trading IMO / Independent Electricity Market Operator
========================================================= =========================================================
Law Firms /Energy & Environmental issues
Baker Botts L.L.P. / Houston, Riyadh, Baku, Washington, D. C. Holland & Hart  / Rocky Mountain region & beyond
Buchanan Ingersoll P.C. / Philadelphia, London, Washington, D. C. Neumiller & Beardslee P.C. / California
Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman/ South Carolina
Gowlings Lafleur Henderson LLP Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman / New York , Washington, D.C.
================================================= =================================================
Maps for all categories / regions Caspian Sea Basin  / Central Asia
Oil Infrastructure in the Caspian Sea Region
================================================= =================================================
Miscellaneous GE Power Products
Energy Economics, Inc
========================================================= ========================================================
NGO's / Non-Governmental Organizations
Oxfam International / 12 NGO's in 80 + countries Friends of the World Food Programme
================================================= =================================================
Oil & Gas exploration / refineries / services global oil produced...77million BPD
Saudi Aramco
Exxon-Mobile................................................1st Barrett Resources
Shell Group / Royal Dutc.............................2nd Vanco Energy
BP PLC      ......................................................3d Marathon Oil Co.
PetroChina    ................................................  4th Atlantic Richfield
Texaco / Chevron  ........................................ 5th Kuwait National Petroleum Corp.
ConocoPhillips ConocoPhillips  / Vietnam = Cuu Long Basin
Stone Energy PetroVietnam / total oil exports = $15. Billion
ENI /Italy/ Oil,Gas, Services, Power Generation Nexen / Canada / Oil & Natural Gas services
Occidental Exploration & Production Co. National Iranian South Oil Company / NIOC
PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services )  ...find, develop, produce PetroEcuador /Project Tiputini (region) - project of the decade
Website for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry - resources.
========================================================= =========================================================
Oil & Gas / Regions & Reserves... ..Country Analysis Briefs / research data
Country Analysis Briefs / Global Details ... Caspian Sea / Reserves=Oil,Gas,Production, Pipelines ...
Africa Country Analysis Briefs Afghanistan / Energy Infrastructure / Oil-Nat.Gas-Coal
Asia East & South Country Analysis Briefs Caspian Sea / Map
Australia / Oceania Country Analysis Briefs Caspian Business News / Baku..Gazprom..Gasunie(Dutch),etc.
Caribbean  Country Analysis Briefs .. Caspian Sea / Politics,  Producers & Pipelines
Middle East Country Analysis Briefs Caspian States / Policy Issues / threats-risks
North America Country Analysis Briefs Russia /  InfoTEK-CONSULT .
South & Central America Country Briefs Russia / Oil & Gas Exports / US Energy Info Center
Western Europe Country Analysis Briefs Russia / CSIS - Russian Oil Production surge / 7.2  MBPD-Dec. 2001
Mexico / Reserves 28.3 BB/ Worlds 5th largest producer Russia / Oil-Gas Sector Production Enterprises
USA Brief/ Reserves-12th Oil, 6th-Nat.Gas , 1st in Coal . Ukraine / Oil-Gas pipelines / Oil - 1.3 MBPD
Oil & Gas Journal / exploration, drilling, processing Nigerian Oil & Gas
Malaysia / Petronas Oil PetroEcuador / 420,000bpd /yr 2005 = 800,000bpd
China / Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) HubbertPeak / Oil supply-demand issues
Canada / Talisman American Petroleum Institute
Sudan / Vitrade /  Active Oilfields Energy Intelligence Group ..
Rus Energy Reports ..
Oil Survey  / Independent oil & gas information center
========================================================= =========================================================
Pipelines / Global / Oil & Gas & other products
Assn. of Oil Pipe Lines PetroEcuador / build 506 km pipeline/reserves-1.4billbarrels
ENO Transportation Foundation Pipe Line & Gas Industry
Gulf News /Caspian Pipeline to Mediterranean/ $ 2.9 bill /yr2005 UEL -U. of East London /Pipeline Tech. & Network Management
Office of Pipeline Safety / U.S. Dept. of Transportation Williams / Sundance Expansion Project into service
========================================================= =========================================================
Planning Programs Energy Star
Additional Planning resources for Urban Systems Rocky Mountain Institute / leverage to correct market failures
========================================================= =========================================================
Pollution Issues / initiatives, standards, & science
CAFE standards / fuel economy for passenger vehicles Rocky Mountain Institute / infrastructure solutions
======================================================== =========================================================
Power Generation / Rural & Urban Services - Companies / global ( ...California coverage, daily usage on graph )
AES  Corp. US Dept. of Energy / Power Technologies
American Electric Power Green Mountain Power  / " Efficiency Vermont "
APS / ( Pinnacle West Capital Corp. ) Arizona Public Service Henwood EnerPrise Software / the competitive advantage
Business Council for Sustainable Energy Henwood EnerPrise Software
California Government  .. pop. 34 million IMO / Independent Electricity Market Operator / ( participants)
California Public Utilities Commission Mirant
California / PUC Industry links  .. Potomac Electric Power Company
Calif./Today's Electricity usage/every 10 min./graph . Pacific Gas & Electric 
Central Virginia Electric Cooperative Reliant Energy
Calpine Rocky Mountain Institute
DTE / Detroit Edison ScottishPower Businesses / US & UK Divisions
Dominion Sempra Energy / marketing & trading energy products
Duke Energy & Communications Infrastructure / & Wireless Southern California Gas Company /(18 million subscribers) largest NG distibutor in US 
East Central Energy /Minnesota C00P / 43,000 customers Southern California Edison
Energy Companies / Electric Power & Natural Gas / list
Energy Associations / Electric Power & Natural Gas
Electric Power Supply Association
OTI - Operation Technology, Inc. / power systems management
Exelon Corporation
El Paso Energy
======================================================== =========================================================
Power Generation / Costs of Production... (avg non-capital cost)(ans)
Coal...................................................$0.03 kwh                   >>> Coal-Fired Generation 52% of US electricity
Nuclear.............................................$0.02 kwh                    >>> Nuclear Plants generate 20% of US electricity
Hydroelectric...................................$ Hydo-generation = 10% of US electricity
Natural Gas......................................$0.035kwh                  >>> 55 million homes/25% of US  energy needs/33% of Indusry needs // 16% of US Electrical power output
Wind..................................................$.03-.05kwh                >>> Renewables generate= 6.9% -yr2000/6.8% yr2001
Photovoltaic....................................$2.20 kwh
Ethanol.............................................$1.22 per gallon
Oil-fired Generation..............................................................>>>. consumption increase--2% yr // 77mbpd pumped
Natural Gas.............................................................................>>>. consumption increase--3% yr
Electric Power Industry Restructuring / fuel suppliers Short Term Energy Demand/98.8 quadrillion  BTU= yr 2000 / 99.6quadBTU=yr2001
East Central Energy / Minnesota-43,000 customers
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Biomass CREST / Center for Renewable Energy
BioTrans / Waverly Light & Power / Iowa Shell Group
Biopower / US Dept. of Energy
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Coal / mining ...52% of US electricity fm coal-fired generation
Short Term Coal Demand / Dept. of Energy 1079millionTons=yr2000 / 1094millTons=yr2001
Clean Coal Technologies / DOE Japan Coal Energy Center
Coal Association of Canada Celtic Energy / Wales' Largest Coal Mining Co.
Extensive Resources / surface mining / global National Coal Council
Fossil Energy / DOE Next Generation Power Plants / Tampa Electric project
Entergy Fossil and Hydo New Combustion Designs / Reburning / Scrubbing
Fording / Canada's largest export-coal producer Office of Surface Mining / US Dept. of Interior
GE Power Systems  / harsh environment sensor solutions Vision 21 / Energy Plant / DOE
GE Power Systems / software systems Peabody Energy / 1st-world/ 9%ofUSelec./2.5% of world electricity
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Geothermal Geothermal Energy Program
Geothermal Electricity / US Dept. of Energy Geothermal Industry Links ..
Calpine / Repowering America
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Hybrid Systems
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Hydroelectric HydoPower Program / Dept. of Energy / US
Photo Library / Glen Canyon Dam / aerial view Powerplants /pictures-specs /Hoover, Glen Canyon, Grand Coulee, etc
Picture / Jet tubes National Hydropower Association
Picture / Water Cascade / Morrow Point Dam State Water Management Projects / Bureau of Reclamation / US
Dams & Reservoirs  / pictures-spec sheets / USBR US Bureau of Reclamation offices / water districts
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Natural Gas ..22.7trillionCF=yr2000 / 23.2tcf=yr2001 consumption
..providing 16% of US power output ..In 55 million US homes/ 
..US Reserves: 1,258Tcf(trillionCubicFeet) 63yr supply Oil & Natural Gas Programs / US Dept. of Energy
(AGA) American Gas Association Natural Gas & Oil Technology Partnership
(AGA) Gas Facts-1998data / Prices, Sales, Users, & much more Shell Group
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Gas Recovery/ Drilling /Imaging / Environmental
PG&E National Energy Group NaturalGas
Enron Xenergy
Energy Source / Natural Gas Companies Peco
US Natural Gas Demand & Supply/ $5.00 -$6.00 mcf/spot market AltaGas / Canada's Midstream Company
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Nuclear / 103 plants... providing 20% of US power output
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission /103 Nuclear Plants Uranium Information Centre / Australia / global resources ..
Nuclear Energy Database World Nuclear Assoc. / comprehensive  list of resources ..
Office of Nuclear Energy, Science & Technology PBMR / Pebble Bed Modular Reactor .. 110 & 285MWe
US Plant Information / shown by State location PBMR / Eskom
US NRC / Fact Sheets & Reports PBMR / British Nuclear Fuel
Energy Information Administration / US DOE PBMR / Industrial Development Corp. of South Africa
NIRS /Nuclear Information & Resource Service / Issues PBMR / Exelon
Nuclear Energy Institute ABWR nuclear plant / General Electric Power Systems
American Nuclear Society / organizations/ gov. Entergy Corp.
ANS / Vision of Global Nuclear Future Exelon Corp
APS /Arizona's largest utility /857,000 customers
================================================= =================================================
Power Generation / Oil / 15% of US energy needs / Services ...19.92 MBPDay-US consumption/year2001
US Annual crude oil production for 2001 / 5.83 millionBPD / /  WorldDemand = 76.7 MBPDay/Jan-Mar2001 ..(US Imports-yr1973=35% / yr 20000=57%)  (yr2010=66% imported/ 23mbpday
ACS Networks / Oilfield SCADA Systems(Supervision Control) National Petroleum Technology Office / DOE
American Petroleum Institute OIL Industry News & links.
US Geological Survey AOS / Africa Oil Field Services
Artic National Wildlife Refuge / US Fish & Wildlife Service Imports of Petroleum Products / US Census
Shell Group Energy Information Administration / diverse categories
Short-Term US Energy Outlook / Dept. of Energy.. Oil Market Basics / EIA
California Independent System Operator US Natural Gas Exploration & Production / Dept. of Energy
International Petroleum Information / Dept. of Energy Oil and Gas Online / Marketplace for Industry Professionals
Stolt Offshore /subsea architecture & production platforms Floating Hotels / 300 rooms, Gym, Galley, AC, Bar&Grill,
Kerr-McGee Extended Well Drilling / 3-D Seismic
Halliburton DOE / Fossil Fuels
Boots & Coots Group Oceaneering / applied technology in diverse environments
OPIS Energy Group / oil news & prices ..
========================================================= ========================================================
Power Generation / Solar OM Solar Systems
APPA PHOTON das Solarstrom-Magazin / Konferenz in Munchen
Austin Energy Potomac Region Solar Energy Association
American Solar Energy Society Renewable Energy Network / DOE
AstroPower Schott Applied Power Corp
ASME Shell Group
American Institute of Architects Siemens Solar
bp solar / Industrial Renewable Energy Partnership Sol-Air
CD Technologies Solar Energy Industries Association
CREST - Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology SolarFlex Technologies
Duke Solar SolarHost
Environmental Building News Solar Power
Evergreen Solar Solar Rating & Certification Corp.
Energy Services Spire Corp
FlaSEREF / Home Builders Program - SunBuilt Surrette Battery
FSEC /Florida Solar Energy Center/ data, strategies, research Trace Engineering
FSEC / National Security - energy diversification , stability Thermo Technologies
FSEC / Solar Energy Links / Data - Programs - Research UNI-Solar
Forum 2001  U.S. DOE / Off. of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
FPL Energy / 1,000 acres...400,000 mirrors U.S. DOE / National Renewable Energy Laboratory /Colorado
InverPower Vanner
Kyocera Solar Energy / Industrial Products
McNeil Technologies
Maryland-DC-Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association
National Assoc. of Home Builders
North Carolina Solar Center
========================================================= ========================================================
Power Generation / Wind Turbines..../.. ..worlds fastest growing energy source
Global wind energy capacity is being installed at 10 times the US rate. (Europe, Asia, Central America) Large wind farms in Iowa, Texas, Minnesota, Calif. / about $0.03-.05kwh/ 1.5MW & 2.0MW turbine series
PTC / federal wind energy production tax credit Iowa / third in US output / 10th largest wind potential in US /"Top of Iowa" farm will have 89 turbines / =80MW
CAM / Large Wind Turbines / harbor-Copenhagen,Denmark Iowa Wind Manual
Picture of Wind Tur bines / Hawaii Iowa / 4,000 yr. world history of Windmills
Picture of Wind Farm /  Australia Iowa Wind Power / 327  high-tech wind turbines
Picture of Wind Farm on a Farm / Australia Iowa / energy & environmental links
Picture / breezy side of Britian Iowa, Storm Lake /  193 MW Wind Farm / 257 wind turbines
Picture / Wind & Corn / ...wallpaper images of all sortsyuhj9o8645rty[-ppp78 Iowa / Waverly Light & Power / turbine Blades / installation
Picture / 2.5 MW turbine IAMU / Iowa Assn. of Municipal Utilities
Power Engineering / large scale Wind Farm construction / 1MW-2MW series / US , Europe , Central America.. Irish Wind Energy Assoc.
AGORES / A Global Overview of Renewable Energy Sources Japan / 30 Wind Farms  
ACRE / American Council for Renewable Energy Kemijoki Oy /Wind energy under Artic conditions
American Wind Energy Assoc. Massachusetts Electric / Renewable Energy Trust Fund
Australian Wind Energy Community Massachusetts Technology Collaborative/ Innovation Economy
British Wind Energy/ 33% of Euro offshore wind potential National Renewable Energy Laboratory / US
California Energy Commission / 13,000 + turbines National Wind Technology Center / NREL / US
Canadian Wind Energy Association Native American  / Wind Energy Program
Cape Cod Times / Wind Farm - 250 & 170 turbines New Energy /  Canada
Cape Cod / How to Assemble a Wind Turbine Netherlands / Windfarms / 1,285 turbines / 880,000mwh yr
Cape Cod /( / large scale wind farms PlanetArk / Wind Farm capacity in the UK.
Cape Cod Times / Searsburg, Vt.  wind farm / 11-Ts Riso / Wind Energy Research / Denmark
Cape Cod / Cape Wind - " Energy for Life " Renewable Energy Research Lab / U. of Mass.
Cap Cod / Solar Access article / Cape Wind offshore Renewable Energy World /Turbines Going To Sea/2.5mw, 4.5mw
Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy / U. of Mass Sandia National Laboratories / Wind Technology / US
Energy /  Source Guide for Renewable Resources Shell Group / Blyth Offshore Wind farm / UK / 
enXco - " Our Energy Knows No Limit " South African Wind Energy Association
European Wind Energy Assoc - EWEA / 40% yr capacity increase TomenPower & Tokyo Electric/ leading world developer
European Wind Energy Information Network UWIG /Utility Wind Interest Group, Inc.
FPL Energy/leads in wind energy generation-development Washington-Oregon State / 300MW Stateline Wind Farm
FPL Energy/Growth Strategy - assests..diversified by fuel source & region Waverly, Iowa/"Skeets 4"900kw /Russell "Skeets" Walther
Energy Research Unit / UK Windustry / US Wind Turbine Sites / 14,000 Turbines
Finnland Wind Power Association Wind Energy Program
GE Wind Energy Wind Energy Distribution Profiles across US
German Windenergy Association Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the US
Hawaii / Wind Farms / 17,000 MWh  Wind Energy Resources / extensive links
enronlinks . World Energy Council - WEC / energy data centre / global scale
Turbines = 1.5 , 2.5mw(Rotor d-80m) , 4.5mw(Rotor d-112m) Wind Power / Danish Wind Industry Assn. / EWEA & WEC
Wind Power / Turbine - Rotor Manufacturers & Suppliers
========================================================= =========================================================
Power Generation & ' how to keep it current ' MAN B&W Diesel / Power & Monitoring Systems
Cummins /design, manufacture, distribute power systems, etc.
========================================================= =========================================================
Recycling / Reprocessing Fuel-Materials
Citizens Nuclear Information Center RBRC / Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
NCI / resources / governments / NGOs
Nuclear Control Institute
Nuke Energy / Nuclear Fuel Cycle
========================================================= =========================================================
Refineries /marketers of Petroleum Products Premcor Inc. / independent refiner of petroleum products
Giant Industries / Arizona / Refiner &  Marketer National Iranian South Oil Company
========================================================= =========================================================
Regulatory Issues / USA & global US Dept. of Energy
Committee to Bridge the Gap US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
California Public Utilities Commission pop. 34 million CAFE Standards  /  fuel economy
Turkey / EPDK - Energy Market Regulatory Authority Clean Air Act Issues / 107th Congress
Superfund / EPA
================================================= =================================================
Research across a broad spectrum of resources New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Org./Japan
US Bureau of Reclamation New Energy / renewables / Canada
US Census Bureau NOAA Research Organization
CIESIN / Columbia Univ. /Science Applications - interdisciplinary Nuclear Engineering & data resources / extensive index
EcoIQ /decisions both economically & ecologically beneficial  Nuclear Data Center-Brookhaven Nat. Laboratory / US
Environmental Measurements Laboratory / Databases National Grid Group /UK, US , Argentina, India, Australia,
Energy Source National Research & Design Labs / US DOE
Energy Crossroads NaturalGas
EnergyStar / U.S. EPA National Assoc. of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
US Energy Dept. / Sources of Energy / production National Council for Science & the Environment
Energy Glossary & Fact Sheets Office of Scientific & Technical Information / DOE
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network  Physics of Energy / the BIG LIST / Randy Knight / Cal Poly
Environmental Studies / Washington Univ. / Missouri. Renewable Energy Source Guide
Foundation for Water & Energy Education Rocky Mountain Institute / Dr. Amory B. Lovins.
US Geological Survey Rocky Mountain Institute / Staff - ' leading lights - expertise '
Global Activities / EPRI SmartEnergy
History of the Standard Oil Company / Ida M. Tarbell SRIC / Southwest Research & Information Center
International Energy Agency / Country Stats
International Resources / US Dept. of Energy
================================================= =================================================
Watersheds / management / restoration / legislation initiatives / conflicts - resolutions
IWLRI /International Water Law Research Institute / conflicts Canada / Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans / highest standards..
IWLRI / Regional & Country River Basin /extensive resources Year of Clean Water 2002 /  ( 1972 Clean Water Act )
IWLP / International Water Law Project Ohio State U. /Ice Cap Analysis & Global Warming / Dr.Thompson
Applied Research Institute of Jersusalem / Dry Peace in ME. Watershed Initiatives
Water & Conflict /Jordan River Basin..Israeli-Palestinian issues American Rivers / campaigns / tools
Water & Conflict /Jordan River Basin..water shortage American Heritage Rivers / local-state-tribal-federal
Middle East Water Issues / Research Guide / Bar-Ilan Univ. Global Watersheds / World Resources Institute.
Tel Aviv U. /Porter Sch. of Environmental Studies / multi-disciplinary Environmental Studies Program/Washington Univ., Missouri..
Freshwater conflicts in the Jordan River Basin Water Resources Directory .
Institute of Soil, Water & Environmental Sciences / Israel Owasco Watershed Lake Association
Lower Jordan River Basin Programme Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council
RedPepper Report / Mountain Aquifer & Jordan river basin Mississippi River  Watershed links / extensive
Water Scarcity in (JRB) Jordan River Basin / US Dept. of State Surf Your Watershed
JRB /Jordan & Yarmouk rivers / Syria-Leb.-Israel-Jordan-PA. US / State & Regional Watershed Atlas
Fresh Water: General Resources / Jordan River Basin WaterWeb / government, nonprofit, commercial, education
National Water Quality Lab / Israel / groundwater monitoring Western Michigan Univ. /Kalamazoo River Watershed
Desalination Project  / Israel AWRC /Arkansas Water Resources Center / U. of Arkansas
Turkey-Israel Sign Water Deal / from the Manavgat River U. of Memphis / Ground Water Institute/ a locus of expertise
Jewish Virtual Library / Water Issues - resources USGS /Water Use in the USA / 1990-1995 / Fact Sheet
Water Issue in the West Bank & Gaza IWRRI / Idaho Water Resources Research Institute / U. of Idaho
Treaty of Peace between Israel & Jordan / October 26, 1994
========================================================= ==========================================================
Water Services / capital-technology-management.. - local issues : government / privitazation
Colorado Water Resources Research Institute Water & Sanitation / World Health Organization
Center for Ecological Economics & Water Policy Research The Water Page / international water
Environmental News Service World Water Council / global water issues
Haestad Methods / ..water resources software company.. World commission on Dams
ICLEI / International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives Water Observatory
IWA /International Water Assn. Water Supply & Sanitation / World Bank Group
IWMI /International Water Management Institute Water-Our Common Heritage /South Africa Ind. Media Centre
IWRA / International Water Reseources Association (estb.1972) Western Michigan Univ. / Insititute for Water Sciences
Oman/ 12 MEDRC completed projects /desalination World Water Assesment Programme / UNESCO
Rocky Mountain Institute /technologies & management systems World Social Forum / Ricardo Petrella
Sino French Water Development Co. Year of Clean Water 2002 / 1972 - Clean Water Act
US Water Industry / ( Financial Times )
Urban Water Resources Management / organizations - institutions


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