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FINANCIAL / Public & Private Sectors

Economic Indicators and Reports & Surveys


Wireless Internet...profit from it...learn from it


Leading Indexes / (scroll down) Currency Conversion
Set Your Clock FED STATS / fm 100 Fed Agencies
Set Your World Clock

Federal Trade Commission

Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
Aronson & Company / accounting Personalfund


Financial Times
Ameritrade FirstGov resources... Prudential Fidelity Federal Reserve System Quick and Reilly
AMEX Government Printing Office / Docs Quicken research centers Riskgrades
Bloomberg Internal Revenue Service Ratings Direct
Bonds Individual Investor SBA SEC / Edgar Database IOWWWA SelectQuote
Boyar Asset Management IPO links Smart Money
Brandywine Funds / Friess Assoc. State of Iowa
BusinessNow Securities Industry Association
Businessweek Standard & Poor's
Chicago Board of Trade International Finance Corporation Softbank
Congressional Budget Office Joint Economic Committee/Congress Stocks

Cooking Recipes

Kiplinger Thomas Legislative Info Tipsinc

CPAhelp Treasury Department
Cogent / International Investment Millicom U.S. Senate committees Morningstar Wall-Street Motley Fool Moodys Web Mergers Market Guide WellsFargo Market Player White House
Dismal Scientist MIDAS / Maryland Economy WomeninTechnology
Disability / Access - resources Municipal Securities Board WirelessWednesdays

U. S. Dept. of Justice

National Discount Brokers WomensBusinessCenter
Dowjones NBR Zurich Investor Relations /Asia-Pacific
Efficient Frontier
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Associations FASB / Financial Accounting Standards Board
American Bankers Association Futures Industry Association
AICPA / American Institute of Certified Public Accountants GASB / Governmental Accounting Standards Board
ASWA /American Society of Women Accountants Human Resource Executives
BAFT / Bankers' Assn. for Finance & Trade Nat. Assoc. of Purchasing Management
The Bond Market Association National Assn. of Insurance Commissioners
Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies Nat. Association of Investors
The Club for Growth Securities Industry Association
Commercial Finance Association Utility Consumers' Action Network
The Conference Board PBGC - Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
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Accountability Issues Transparency International
eRaider Transparency International - USA Chapter
Investing Complaints The Center For Public Integrity
Online Investors Help IRRC - Investor Responsibility Research Center
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Accounting Services / issues Snyder, Cohn, Collyer , Hamilton & Assoc., PC  ( BKR, International )
AICPA / American Institute of Certified Public Accountants TOFIAS, PC / ( BKR, International )
FASB / Financial Accounting Standards Board BKR International / Assn. of Independent Accounting Firms
GASB / Governmental Accounting Standards Board Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants
IASC / International Accounting Standards Board Accounting Assns. & Firms /in Regions & Countries
SmartPros / extensive Accounting resources Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, LLP
SOSIG /Social Science Information Gateway /Accounting WAA - Washington Assn. of Accountants
SSRN /Social Science Recrh. Net. / Accounting Research
U.S. GAO / Investigative Arm of Congress Transparency International - USA Chapter
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ABS (Asset-Backed Securities Market)
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Banking - Payments/transactions / services MyCiti - log in to MyAccounts
ANZ Internet Banking / Australia - New Zealand PayPal
CardWeb / payment card information network TD Bank Financial Group
Citibank TradeCard / cross-border transactions
FDIC / Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation VeriSign transaction infrastructure
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
First National Bank of Omaha, Nebraska
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Bond Markets .......Muni....Corporate.... Treasury
Bonds The Bond Market Association
Bond Resources The Bond Market Foundation
Bond Markets Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Investing in Bonds
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Exchange Rates Currency Conversion
Exchange Rates
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Federal Reserve System MINUTES of FOMC meetings
Federal Reserve Board Federal Reserve System / organizational
Federal Reserve Bank of New York TraderTalk / how the Fed is put together & works
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Glossary FASB / Financial Accounting Standards Board
Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants
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Indexes / surveys / reports / trends .Federal Reserve Board and System
.The Conference Board .U.S. Senate Finance Committee
.Congressional Budget Office / U.S Congress .U.S. Treasury report to the Citizens
.Leading Economic Indicators...U.S. & Global .U.S. Dept. of Labor...most requested data
.Council of Economic Advisers / White House .National Bureau of Economic Research
.Minutes / Federal Open Market Committee Meetings .NASDAQ
.Joint Economic Committee of Congress .NYSE
.General Accounting Office .Bureau of Economic Analysis
.Consumer Research Center / confidence .Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies
PMI of  ( - ) or ( + ) 50% signals decline or growth PMI for Jan 2002/              49.9%
PMI for March 1999 /       40.8 % PMI for Feb 2002               54.7% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for February  2000 / 56.9% PMI for March 2002          55.6% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for December 2000 / 44.3% PMI for April 2002             53.9% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for Jan 2001 /             41.2% PMI for May  2002             55.7% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for Feb 2001 /            41.9% PMI for June 2002             56.2% /  Manufacturing UP
PMI for March 2001 /       43.1% PMI for July 2002              50.5% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for April 2001 /          43.2 % PMI for Aug 2002              50.5% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for May 2001 /           42.1% PMI for Sept 2002              49.5%
PMI for June 2001/            44.7%  PMI for Oct 2002               48.5%
PMI for July 2001/             43.6%  PMI for Nov 2002               49.2%
PMI for Aug 2001 /            47.9%  PMI for  Dec 2002              54.7% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for Sept 2001 /            47. % PMI  for Jan 2003               53.9% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for Oct 2001 /              39.8% PMI for Feb 2003                50.5% / Manufacturing UP
PMI for Nov 2001 /             44.5%
PMI for Dec 2001/              48.2%
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Initial Public Offerings / IPO
Jay Ritter - Extensive Resources .
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Information Sources / Global  ............... ...information...
Transparency International - USA Chapter Wheat Belt /Community Futures Development Corp. / Canada
Transparency Int. / USA & International links
IRRC - Investor Responsibility Research Center
Business Week
CRB / Commodity Research Bureau India Infoline
RussiaToday MFinance Nikkei Net Interactive
Latin America . Africa business Network
Argentina Economy NASD / National Assn. of Securities Dealers
Webmergers Reports
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Insurance Services National Assn. of Insurance Commissioners
A. M. Best Company / Insurance Information Source
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Law Firms / practice areas Jones Day
Bryan Cave Swidler, Berlin, Shereff & Friedman
==================================================== =============================================================
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Money Transfer/transactions local-global The New Republic / Hawala Services
Western Union Operation Green Quest / Customs Service / U.S. Treasury
VeriSign The Heritage Foundation / transfer instruments / Hawala
PayPal Ethiopia-London Hawala (Abdulkadir)
TradeCard Radio Free Europe / Hawala  - international bank transfers
CardWeb Digital Freedom Network / Somalia Internet Company
NextCard / digital wallet / purchase activity US Dept. of Justice/ National Drug Intelligence Center
Citibank / (128-bit SSL encryption)
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Pension Plans / Global /issues... ..funding, management, transparency, legislation, budgets
PBGC - Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. / USA Pension Rights Center / Protecting&Promoting Retirement Security
PBGC - ...35,000 defined benefit pension plans Pension Sorter / UK
NOA -National Organizers Alliance Ret. Pension Plan Council of Institutional Investors/ large funds -public, labor,  corp.
Old Age Security & Canada Pension Plan United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
Pensioner's Assns. / ClickClick2 directory Veterans Benefits & Services / Compensation & Pension Benefits
COPAS -Confederation of Occupational Pensioners Assn. /UK The Pension Research Council / Wharton Sch. - Univ. of Penn.
Pension Guide / UK Gov. National Council on the Aging / Benefits Checkup
CID /Citizens Information Database / Ireland ElderWeb
Oasis - Active Retirement / Ireland The Corporate Library / Int. Corporate Governance Research
Pensioners' Associations / India U.S. Social Security Administration
CII -Confederation of Indian Industry Pension Planners Home Page
Guardian / National Grid -pension  funding issues Pension Commission/Canada /understanding the Pension Benefits Act
Independent /Pension Outlook - UK Government Screen Actors Guild - Producers / Pension & Health Plans
Armenian Daily /Armenian Government - Economy AARP
50 Plus /Canada's Association for the Fifty-Plus Seniors & Computers / FirstGov for Seniors
National Post/ RRSP -Registered Retirement Savings Plan Social Security Admin. / Windfall Elimination Provision
Christian Science Monitor/Germany-UK-France-Italy CFO / SEC & Sarbanes-Oxley / disclosure, accountability
Pension Fund Managers Guide Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / State Budget Gap & Pension Funds
International Network of Pensions Regulators & Supervisors Newhouse News/  lawsuits target lack of 401(k) protections
Pension Plan Issues / research BusinessWeek / Retirement - Economy - Benefits
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/ County Pension Plan & Economy
Long Beach, Calif. /Press Telegram / City Budget Gap- issues
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Politics/Campaign Finances Federal Election Commission
Open Secrets and WHO, WHAT, & HOW MUCH Democratic National Committee
Transparency International Republican National Committee
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Ratings / risk analysis
RatingsDirect Moody's
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Real Estate Washington Mutual 
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Regulatory Issues FASB / Financial Accounting Standards Board
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission PBGC - Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
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Research...economic, business, & more
U.S. Treasury Department AdZone Research / ..on the Internet & new technologies..
U.S.  Senate Committees BestCalls / conference call schedules
U.S. Government Resources CCBN / Company Boardroom
U.S. Trade Representative US Census Bureau / Home Businesses / Housing Survey, etc.
U.S. Social Security Administration Consumer Federation of America
U.S. Commerce Dept. Council of Institutional Investors /large public,labor & pension funds
U.S. Census Bureau Urban Institute / Economic & Social Policy Research Organization
U.S. Economy - region/state/ Industry The Corporate Library/International Corp. Governance Research
U. S. Statistics in Brief FDFN /Fair Disclosure Financial Network
Central Intelligence Agency Firstgov Search tools
U.S. Energy Dept. FreeEdgar / Your SEC Document Service
U.S. General Services Administration Globe wide research centers and much, much more
Bureau of Economic Analysis/Dept. of Commerce History of Gold & Silver use in U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics..Industry groups at a glance Hoover's Research Guide
Joint Committee on Taxation / US Congress IRRC - Investor Responsibility Research Center
MINUTES of FOMC Meetings Institute for Policy Studies / Washington, D.C.
Thomas Legislative Information / Congress NASDAQ
Topic Links to Federal Statistics National Bureau of Economic Research...extensive resources
U.S. Federal Statistics from over 100 agencies National League of Cities
The Nobel Foundation / Prize Winners
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc./ Omaha, Nebraska
Pecora Hearings / US Congress - 1933 / banking infrastructure
SEC LAW / Guide to Securities Law
..................................................................................................... Transparency International - USA Chapter
International Monetary Fund / Early History of the IMF / July 1944 Webmergers  - Reports
Conference At Bretton Woods / July 1944 Columbia Univ. / Jacob Mincer Honored /Modern Labor Economics
How Bretton Woods reordered the world / 1944 to 1990s IZA / Institute for the Study of Labor / Bonn, Germany
Bretton Woods System / Benjamin Cohen Investing in Human Capital / Monique Jerome-Forget
National Bureau of Economic Research / Jacob Mincer Papers
==================================================== ==============================================================
Research / Domain Name Registration  ICANN / The Internet Corporation  for Assigned Names & Numbers
Afternic / the place to Buy & Sell Domain Names Register
Network Solutions Registrars
==================================================== ==============================================================
SEC issues / US / Securites Securities Industry Association
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Insider Trading / Bounties
SEC Enforcement Division SEC  Opinions on cases / securities laws
SEC Litigation Releases / civil lawsuits SEC Administrative Proceedings
SEC-'full disclosure rule' SEC Legal Briefs
SEC Press Releases SEC Trading Suspensions
SEC Edgar Search SEC Regulatory Actions
SIAC / Securities Industry Automation Corporation
SIPC / Securities Investor Protection Corporation / recover funds
==================================================== ==============================================================
Services / planning / investing Online Investors Help
Berkshire Hathaway / Warren E. Buffett PSCA / Profit Sharing/401(k) Council of America
Brandywine Funds / Estb. 1974 by Foster Friess T.RowePrice
Corillian Viewnetwork
Countrywide Credit Industries Wheat Belt / Community Futures Development Corp.
Countrywide Services Yodlee
401(k) / PSCA
==================================================== ==============================================================
Standards General Services Administration / US
Financial Accounting Standards Board Experts on Corporate Accountability
Governmental Accounting Standards Board Transparency International - USA Chapter
==================================================== ==============================================================
Trading Activity / insider moves
Insider Scores . Insider Trading
==================================================== ==============================================================
Trading Exchanges Toronto Exchange
NYSE / USA STI / Singapore
NASDAQ / USA Hang Seng / Hong Kong
GDAXI / Germany NIKKEI / Japan
MERV / Argentina SSEC / Shanghai 
MXX / Mexico bolsa CCSI / Egypt
==================================================== ==============================================================
Trading Systems / resources...analysis Market Guide
Datek   Russell Indexes
Scottrade   SmartMoney
Etrade   The Underground Trader
Quick and Reilly   MarketPlayer
Ameritrade   Motley Fool
Individual Investor  Morningstar
Bloomberg Kiplinger
World Indices/ Americas/Europe/Africa/Asia INVESTools
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Women Driving Biz Sector Women's Business Center
Women in Technology WECM / Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba
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