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Wireless Internet...standard communication

Set Your Clock Intersil Tech Data
GOOGLE it up International Engineering Consort. Thomas Legislative Information ICO Universal Serial Bus
BreezeCOM IEEE Standards Programs Virata  dsl


IEEE Wireless Standards Wireless LAN Association

Nortel Networks WAP NokiaForumWAP WAP Forum
Cisco Nat. Institute of Standards & Technology Wi-Fi
3com W3C /World Wide Web consort. (privacy) Patent & Trademark Office / U.S. Wireless Comm. Assoc.
Ericsson /WAP World Wide Wireless Comm. Qualcomm / CDMA Wireless LAN PC card drives
HomeRF Qwest
Spectrum Management
Standards> Analog & Digital

GSM    CDMA   TDMA    WAP    ANSI-4   3G   UMTS  VOIP PDA  Bluetooth  L2W  GPRS

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AMPS / advanced mobile phone system PANs / personal area networks - bluetooth
ART / advanced radio telecom PBX / private branch exchange
ASP / active server pages PCS / personal communication service
ATM/Asynchronous Transfer Mode PDA / personal digital assistant
BLUETOOTH / low power/close range wireless networks POP / point-of-presence / nearest service access
Broadband / high capacity transmission  POTS/plain old telephone service
CDMA/ code division multiple access PSTN / public switched telephone network
CDPD/ cellular digital packet data RF/radio frequency
DSSS/direct-sequence spread-spectrum SGML / XML / markup languages
Dual Band Mobile Phones /  frequency selection Sideband / portion of modulated wave
FDMA / frequency division multiple access SMS / short message service
FDDI / fiber distributed data interface SON / synchronous optical network standard
FHSS/frequency-hopping spread-spectrum SSL / secure sockets layer - secure transactions
GPS / global position satellite system SWAP/standard wireless access protocol
GSM/ global system for mobile communications TCP/IP transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
GPRS / general packet radio service TDMA/ time division multiple access
HDML / handheld markup language Token Ring /  local area network (similar to Ethernet)
IFE / in-flight entertainment systems UMTS/ universal mobile telecommunications systems
IFN / in-flight network VOFDM
ISP/Internet service provider VOIP / voice over internet protocol
ISDN / integrated services digital network VSAT / very small aperture terminal
2.5 / generation mobile telephony W3C / world wide web consortium
3G / third generation mobile telephony > 2mbs /UMTS WAP/  wireless application protocol
L2W / wireless info WCDMA / wideband communications-multimedia
LAN / local area network WCS / wireless communications services
LEC /  local exchange carrier WPAN/ wireless personal area network
LMDS / local multipoint distribution system WTP / wireless transaction protocol
Multimedia / voice, data, video XML / extensible markup language
NIST/ National Institute of Standards & Technology Spectranet / What is ?...........?
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Associations / Affiliations / etc World Trade Organization
Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
American National Standards Institute National Telecommunications & Information Admin.
Federal Communications Commission National Institute of Standards & Technology
Technology Administration  National Technical Information Service
National Resource for Global Standards International Trade Administration
Institution of Electrical Engineers U. S. Patent & Trademark Office
International Society for Optical Engineering National Science Foundation
World Bank Group International Institute of Communication
European Telecommunications Office Pacific Telecommunications Council
American National Standards Institute Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum
BICSI / A Telecommunications Assoc. European Telecommunications Platform
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Asynchronous Transfer Mode / ATM  Forum
International Organization for Standardization
International Engineering Consortium European Telecommunications Standards Institute
U. S. Government Printing Office Wireless Communications Association International 
W3C - World Wide Web consortium International Telecommunication Union
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Copyright Copyright Clearance Center
Copyright Office /Library of Congress / U.S.
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Geographical Data Points / Grids
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Glossary / research , dictionaries HTML Goodies / Joe Burns, Ph.D. / computer, Internet terms
Bradley Univ. / Computer & Network Terms Iowa Newspaper Assn. / Computer-Web terms
BABEL / Irving & Richard Kind / Abbreviations & Acronyms Lycos Tech Glossary / extensive categories
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh / Dictionaries & Glossaries NSA terms used in Security & Intrusion Detection /SANS Institute
The Glossarist / glossaries & tech dictionaries Red Hill Guide to Computer Hardware / definitions
GOOGLE it up Univ. of Leicester /Computing Terms
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"OpenDSL" Industry Initiative Cisco
Telekom Virata (dsl)
Intell 3com
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Patents Patent & Trademark Office / U.S.
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Miscellaneous NetworkMagazine
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Spectrum Allocation Internet Transmission Basics- TCP/IP
Spectrum Management Frequency Band Designations
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Standards / Conventions GSM Association
TechWeb /Encyclopedia / CDMA - signal transmission Nortel Networks / Global System for Mobile Communications
QUALCOMM / CDMA DOCSIS (2.0) /Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
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Trademarks Patent & Trademark Office / U.S.
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IEEE 802 Specification/ .11 /.3/15/.16.. ......working groups
IEEE 802.15 Home Page IEEE Wireless Standards
WirelessMAN  802.16 Wireless Home-Networking Technologies
IEEE 802.11 / ad hoc & client/server networks International Engineering Consortium
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Tutorials... TelecomTerms
IEC tutorials ...from A to Z Spectranet..What is ?.............?