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AVIATION / Commercial  //  broadband communications

In this conference center you will be pleasantly surprised to discover addresses and resources 

that offer a valuable array of services, products and information that reflect both the present

and future value of the wireless culture in aviation tradition.  For the most part, passenger airplanes during the past fifty years have served as an efficient platform for transporting people and cargo long distances within a short period of time.  Additional uses of course have included service as emergency systems in disaster relief,  the air component of a national defense triad, scientific research, land use surveys. and others, all of which have been important, yet also secondary to the primary service of the airplane as a key component of national commercial activity. 


The present underutilized telecommunications potential of the airplane system and supporting components is

 about to be harvested.  Poised to translate this potential into an inseparable  quality of our commercial and consumer  life are dozens of corporations and organizations.  A preview of this business/consumer transforming technology application may be found inside the Collins.Rockwell corporation. Your attention is drawn to the Collins designed  passenger IFE ™  (in-flight entertainment systems) and IFN™  (in-flight network) systems.  


Within five years it is not unreasonable to expect to see every commercial airplane turned into a 'SmartPlane', and every airplane seat into a 'SmartSeat'.  eFlight ™ ..."all sooner than you'd imagine."


Wireless Internet...on the wings of innovation


Set Your Clock Flight Tracker ... Raytheon
Set Your World Time

AirTraffic Delays/disruptions/ FAA

Scandinavian Airlines
Get your Weather Straight Long Distance Phone Rates Singapore Airlines
Check your Calendar Telephone Directories & Maps

American Airlines

Honeywell SMART  SEATS
Aeroflot Hughes Southwest


Iberia Spectrum Management
Aerotex International Icelandair Sun Country
Air Canada  content Swissair
Aerospan Marketplace
Airfrance IOWWWA    (ifn)
Air New Zealand Jeppesen  (charts)Boeing Thai Airways
America West JetBlue
Air Nostrum Kaiser Aerospace / Collins-Rockwell
ATA / American Trans Air ) TWA
Austrian Airlines Group United Airlines
Aviation Health Lufthansa UPS


Bombadier USAir
Britishairways Newscorp
Cathay Pacific Northwest Airlines Virgin Atlantic
CEBU Pacific / " You above all "


Wireless Airport Assoc.


Delta Qantas
Everything Aircraft Qualcomm  ( wingcast )
Falcon Jet
Ford  ( wingcast ) Google it up
Asiana Airlines
Frontier Airlines
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Associations Air Transport Association
Wireless Airport Association SITA
Airport Net WAA - Wireless Airport Assn.
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Air Traffic Control
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Airports / Services Airport Flight Status / USA delays-holding-closings / FAA
Welcome to T-Mobile HotSpot Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Welcome to Wayport..Fast Net For People On The Move Baltimore/Washington International Airport
AT&T Wireless - GoPort HotSpots Martin State Airport / Baltimore, MD.
WAA - Wireless Airport Assn.
AAAE - Airportnet / AAAE Airport WebSites
FAA / US Airports / Security Certification..
FAA / International Airports / Security Certification
Signature Flight Support / 48 locations / global
====================================================== ==========================================================
Avionics / Navigation - transparency ...human factors, trust
Rockwell Collins / Synthetic Vision Information Systems Honeywell
Rockwell Collins /SVIS / Flight Test Info. / B-737 / B-757 ARIES L-3Communications
Synthetic Vision / article by James Liu / NASA-ARIES B-757 Rockwell Collin  (HF Messenger)
Flight Dynamics /Head-Up Guidance Systems ( HGS ) Dassault Aviation
SGS /Surface Guidance System/ enhanced situational awareness
======================================================== =========================================================
Commuter Aircraft / versatility Pilatus-Aircraft
Farnborough-Aircraft / F-1
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Consumer Wireless Tools Omnisky
Palm WAA - Wireless Airport Assn.
================================================ =================================================
Content / broadband @ altitude Newscorp
Inflightonline Worldspace
Lufthansa /Internet Cafe' above Greenland..& North Atlantic Tenzing
====================================================== ==========================================================
FAA / Federal Aviation Administration /US...... ...procedures, security issues , finances, etc
ATC / Air Traffic Control System / Airport Summary Status FAA  / Washington, D. C.
FAA Publications / categories Department of Transportation / US
FAA / Office of Aviation Medicine / locate AME's in Your Area White House / Washington, D. C ./ US
Air Traffic Publications   US Intelligence Community & Military Services
AIM / Aeronautical Information Manual US Department of Defense / Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
Aeronautical Charts & Related Publications / VFR , IFR, etc.
AIM / Emergency Procedures
AIM / Pilot/Controller Glossary
Air Traffic Bulletins / Available Issues  
Air Traffic Bulletin / Flight Restrictions / Air Force One
Air Traffic Bulletin / Air Traffic Control
======================================================= =================================================
FAA / Special Circumstances / Events of Sept. 11, 2001 ..Alerts-Advisories / US & International
Sept. 14, 2001 / Resumption of Air Service / National Airports Biological Warfare Devastation / extensive resources
FAA / General Aviation - resume under IFR flight plans only DOT / Department of Transportation 
FAA / List of US Airports - Security Certification Completed DOT / Secretary Mineta approves travel restoration
FAA / List of International  Carriers / Security Certification Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
====================================================== =================================================
FAA/National Security & Intercept Procedures ..for Pilots & crew,
Aircraft Identification & Interception within ADIZ Pilots-Intercepts /Monitor 121.5/243.0MHz (AIM parag- 5-6-2
Aircraft Interception Graphic / Freqs-121.5 &243.0 MHz Transponder / Mode 3/A Code 7700 
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Environmental Issues
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Wireless Telecomm Terms
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Hotels & Accommodations
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MarketXchange SITA / intergrated telecommunications solutions
Aeroxchange / serving the global aviation industry
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======================================================== ===========================================================
MRO  (maintenance/repair/overhaul) Magellan Aerospace
AeroFlight - Tech Data / Aeronautical Library  Partsbase
Aerospan MarketPlace Vistagy / FiberSIM Product Line/..integrates with CAD
======================================================= ===========================================================
Navigation / Flight Planning / Tracking Flight Explorer
Jeppesen AvWeb.
Flight Tracker ...
====================================================== =============================================================
Passenger Services / inflight Connexion by Boeing / Lufthansa / FlyNet
CollinsRockwell  IFE ™ Inmarsat
Newscorp Tenzing
=============================================== ==================================================
Regulatory Issues
======================================================== =====================================================
Cranfield University / UK / School of Engineering
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Scheduling Services / tickets Orbitz
Air Travel Network Priceline
Bestfares Travelocity
CheapSeats TravelZoo
Cheap Tickets Trip
EconomyTravel CAN / Corporate Angel Network / free for cancer patients
Hot Wire Give Kids the World / granting their wish
United Airlines  Airport Check-in info / security wait times
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Security Issues /  EyeTicket  Corporation / (Iris recognition technology )
White House US Senate
US Department of Transportation US House
Federal Aviation Administration
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Spectrum Allocation Spectrum Management
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Standards Issues Forchapter4
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Vacaville-zip code 95687 Telephone Directories & Maps
Fairfield Inn / Marriott / 370-Orange St. / 707-469-0800 Auto Rental
The Vacaville Reporter  / news & events Vacaville Library / Internet Computers /Mon-Thur-10-2100hs
Vacaville Community Vacaville Weather
Vacaville Public Library / 1020-Ulatis Dr. / 707-449-6290 Vallejo Times-Herald
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Weather Via-Inmarsat
More Weather than you could wish for ... Rainorshine